The Importance Of Variable Speed Controls On A Trailer Dolly

Full-force power isn’t suitable for all applications. Ideally, you want a trailer dolly with controllable speeds. Discover the importance of variable speed controls on a trailer dolly for more insight.

Why You Need Controlled Power

Operating a trailer dolly is simple, but it requires patience. It is versatile and can transport trailers, RVs, boats, flatbeds, and other cargo. You’ll want to transport everything safely, so you need controlled power. Variable speed controls are important on a trailer dolly because it lets you ease tension between the dolly and cargo and work up to a comfortable speed.

You can speed up or slow down the trailer dolly to accommodate cargo and terrain. For instance, you may increase speed on rugged roads or decrease speed in tight areas. You have complete power regardless of the situation!

Differentiating Throttle Control

On/off switches and variable speed throttles are two types of controls on motorized dollies. On/off switches give you direct power over the dolly. Releasing the switch makes the dolly stop, and the abrupt gesture may jerk the trailer.

Variable speed control allows you to start slow, easing tension between the dolly and the cargo and letting you manipulate speed. Slowing to a stop alleviates pressure on the throttle, giving you ultimate control over the dolly.

Adjustability and Safety

Adjustability is a major component for anything with a motorized engine. Whether you operate a trailer dolly, vehicle, or appliance, you don’t want full initial power. You may collide with people, objects, and structures, an obvious safety hazard for you and others nearby. A dolly without adjustability and throttle control risks cargo damage. Adjustability and safety go hand in hand with trailer dollies, and these components support safe and simple transport!

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