Perfect Parking With a Motorized Dolly

Perfect Parking for your boat, RV, or trailer with the TRAX Power Dolly.

When it comes to precisely parking your boat, RV, or trailer, there’s no better solution than parking with a motorized dolly. TRAX Power Dolly Systems strives to provide our customers with the easiest and most convenient method of adjusting and maneuvering trailers into precise parking spots.

Owning an RV or boat trailer can be a real dream, but backing or moving the trailer into tight locations can be a nerve-racking nightmare. At times, it may even feel impossible because of the length of the vehicle combined with the trailer. Parking trailers with power dollies is a complete breeze in comparison and allows you to make precise movements that you wouldn’t be able to manage with your truck.

For example, you may find yourself at campsites that require you to pull the tailer through the site so that the RV trailer doors face the cooking area, bonfire pit, etc. But because another RV is parked ahead of the pull-through area, you simply can’t drive all the way through, forcing you to park your trailer in the wrong direction. Parking with a motorized dolly is a simple and elegant solution that removes the most difficult part of navigating through smaller spaces.

TRAX Power Trailer Dollies exist to take on all the hard work and hassle you find yourself when moving and parking your trailer. No longer will you have to sink an unnecessary amount of time into hitching your trailer to your vehicle just to make small adjustments. TRAX Power has made parking boats, RVs, and trailers much simpler so that you can focus on the more important things.

Simply connect a TRAX power dolly to your trailer’s hitch ball receiver and within seconds you are effortlessly pushing, pulling, and steering your trailer to its perfect location. It really is that quick and easy to use!

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