Understanding Electric Powered Trailer Dollies

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Ultimate Guide to Trax Powered Trailer Dollies: Everything You Need to Know


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Trax Powered Trailer Dollies! Whether you’re a seasoned trailer owner or just starting, this comprehensive map will navigate you through everything you need about electric-powered trailer dollies. From understanding their features and benefits to choosing the right model, we’ve got you covered.

Section 1: What are Powered Trailer Dollies?

– Definition and basic overview

Electric-powered trailer dollies are motorized devices specifically designed to assist in the movement and positioning of trailers, such as camper trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers. Unlike manual dollies that rely on physical exertion, electric-powered models utilize electric motors to propel the trailer, allowing users to control its movement with greater precision and ease. These dollies typically feature intuitive controls and ergonomic designs to enhance user experience and efficiency.

Section 2: Key Features and Benefits

Electric-powered trailer dollies are motorized devices specifically designed to assist in the movement and positioning of trailers, such as camper trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers. Unlike manual dollies that rely on physical exertion, electric-powered models utilize electric motors to propel the trailer, allowing users to control its movement with greater precision and ease. These dollies typically feature intuitive controls and ergonomic designs to enhance user experience and efficiency.

Key Components:

  1. Electric Motor: The heart of the electric-powered dolly generates the rotational force needed to move the trailer.
  2. Battery or Power Source: Supplies electricity to the motor through a rechargeable battery pack or direct electrical connection.
  3. Control Panel: Interface for users to operate the dolly, typically featuring buttons or levers for speed control, direction, and braking.
  4. Frame and Chassis: Provides structural support and stability for the dolly, constructed from durable materials such as steel or aluminum.
  5. Wheels and Tires: Facilitate movement across various surfaces, with options for pneumatic or solid tires depending on terrain requirements.
  6. Hitch and Coupler: Attachment point for securing the trailer to the dolly, ensuring a stable connection during movement.


  • Increased Efficiency: Electric-powered dollies streamline the process of trailer maneuvering, reducing the time and effort required for positioning.
  • Enhanced Precision: With precise speed control and maneuverability, users can easily navigate tight spaces and obstacles.
  • Improved Safety: Integrated braking systems and intuitive controls minimize the risk of accidents and ensure safe operation.
  • Versatility: Electric-powered dollies are suitable for various trailer types and sizes, making them ideal for recreational and commercial applications.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind, electric-powered dollies feature ergonomic handles and controls for optimal handling and operation.

Section 3: How to figure out your trailer dolly needs

Assessing your trailer’s weight and size requirements

Checking your trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is essential for safe and legal towing. Here’s how to find it and understand its significance:

    1. Locate the Manufacturer’s Plate or Sticker: The GVWR is typically displayed on a plate or sticker attached to the trailer. Look for it near the front or side of the trailer frame, on the trailer tongue, or inside a cabinet or door jamb.
    2. Read the GVWR: The GVWR is expressed in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg) and represents the maximum allowable weight of the trailer when fully loaded, including the weight of the trailer itself, cargo, fluids, and any passengers or equipment.
    3. Understand What GVWR Means: The GVWR is a safety standard set by the trailer manufacturer and represents the maximum weight that the trailer can safely carry without risking structural damage or compromising its handling and braking capabilities.
    4. Consider Payload Capacity: To determine how much cargo your trailer can carry, subtract the trailer’s unloaded weight (also known as the Empty Weight or Curb Weight) from the GVWR. This difference represents the trailer’s Payload Capacity. Payload Capacity = GVWR – Empty Weight
    5. Avoid Overloading: Never exceed the GVWR of your trailer, as doing so can lead to unsafe towing conditions, increased wear and tear on the trailer components, reduced fuel efficiency, and potential legal consequences.
    6. Factor in Tongue Weight: Ensure that the trailer’s tongue weight (the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler) falls within the recommended range, typically 10-15% of the trailer’s total weight. Tongue Weight = Trailer Weight × Tongue Weight Percentage

Distributing the cargo evenly within the trailer and properly balancing the load is crucial to maintaining safe towing dynamics. A good amount of tongue weight will gain the needed traction for the electric-powered dolly to push, pull, and stop your trailer safely on mixed ground surfaces like grass and gravel and when on grades.

Considering trailer dolly options and accessories:

 Tires & wheels

Non-Marking 4.5″ Gray Tire:
  1. Versatility: The non-marking 4.5″ gray tire is suitable for various applications, including indoor use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and commercial spaces where leaving tire marks on floors is undesirable.
  2. Reduced Floor Damage: The gray tire’s non-marking compound minimizes the risk of scuffing or staining floors, making it ideal for environments where floor cleanliness and aesthetics are a priority.
  3. Smooth Ride: With its smaller diameter and narrow width, the 4.5″ gray tire offers a smooth and stable ride, providing precise maneuverability and control, particularly in tight spaces or crowded environments.
  4. Low Rolling Resistance: The tire’s design and composition reduce rolling resistance, requiring less effort to move and maneuver equipment, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced operator fatigue.
6″ Black Wide Tire:
    1. Enhanced Traction: The 6″ black wide tire offers superior traction and grip compared to narrower tires, especially on uneven or slippery surfaces such as gravel, grass, or mud. The increased surface area in contact with the ground improves stability and traction, minimizing the risk of slippage or skidding.
    2. Improved Load Distribution: The wider tire distributes the load over a larger area, reducing ground pressure and preventing sinking or rutting in soft or uneven terrain. This is particularly beneficial for heavy-duty applications or towing trailers with substantial weight.
    3. Greater Stability: The wider tire footprint enhances stability and control, reducing the risk of tipping or loss of control, especially when navigating rough terrain or making sharp turns.
    4. Durability: The black tire’s rugged construction and tread pattern are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, resisting punctures, abrasions, and wear over time, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

Connection adapters:

Hitch Balls:

Selecting the correct hitch ball size is crucial for safe and efficient towing, as it ensures a secure connection between your vehicle and trailer. Here’s a breakdown of hitch ball sizes based on trailer weight:

  • 1 7/8″ Hitch Ball:
    • Trailer Weight: Suitable for trailers with lighter loads, typically up to 2,000 pounds.
    • Common Applications: Smaller utility trailers, lightweight boat trailers, and pop-up campers.
  • 2″ Hitch Ball:
    • Trailer Weight: Ideal for trailers with moderate loads, ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 pounds.
    • Common Applications: Most standard trailers, including small to mid-size boat trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, and single-axle utility trailers.
  • 2 5/16″ Hitch Ball:
    • Trailer Weight: Designed for trailers with heavier loads, typically over 5,000 pounds.
    • Common Applications: Large boat trailers, RV trailers, horse trailers, livestock trailers, and heavy-duty utility trailers.
Pintle Hitch:

The Pintle Hook Adapter allows for the conversion between a hitch ball to a pintle hitch. It features a drop-in mounting platform on one end designed to attach to a screw-down plate that holds the pintle hook or a lunette ring.

Universal Hitch Adapter:
  • The universal hitch adapter is a versatile towing accessory designed to be mounted on the side of the trailer frame. This strategic placement offers several advantages for towing operations:
    1. Quick Connection: By mounting on the side of the trailer frame, the universal hitch adapter allows for a quick and convenient connection to the towing vehicle. This positioning minimizes the need for complex alignment maneuvers, streamlining the hitching process and saving valuable time during setup.
    2. Increased Traction: The universal hitch adapter’s placement on the trailer frame shortens the leverage point between the towing vehicle and the trailer, resulting in improved traction and stability. This configuration enhances towing performance, especially in challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions, where traction is critical for safe operation.
Atwood Adapter:
  • Use: An Atwood-style adapter is specifically designed to convert a ball hitch into an Atwood-style hitch setup. It features a unique coupling mechanism that secures the trailer coupler onto the hitch ball for maximum stability.
  • Compatibility: This adapter is commonly used with trailers equipped with Atwood-style couplers, which utilize a lever or latch mechanism to securely lock onto the hitch ball. We have noticed companies like Jayco brand trailers have used them in the past, but most other trailer manufacturers have gotten away from using them since they are difficult to decanter the ball.


Section 4: What model TRAX dolly do I want or need, and what is the difference?


  1. Power and Capacity:
    • The TRAX TX6000 is engineered to handle trailers weighing up to 6000 pounds and beyond, making it a versatile option for a wide range of towing applications.
    • Its fixed axle drive system connects the two drive tires to a single axle, ensuring maximum traction and stability, even under heavy loads.
  2. Traction and Maneuverability:
    • The fixed axle drive system of the TRAX TX6000 provides unparalleled traction, allowing for confident towing on various terrains and inclines.
    • However, it’s important to note that the enhanced traction may require additional force on the steering handle when maneuvering trailers with heavy tongue weight.
  3. Steering and Control:
    • The TRAX TX6000 features intuitive steering controls, allowing precise navigation and control during towing operations.
    • While the fixed axle drive system enhances traction, users should know the increased force required on the steering handle, particularly when maneuvering trailers with heavy tongue weight.
  4. Safety and Reliability:
    • Built with durability and reliability, the TRAX TX6000 is designed to withstand the rigors of regular towing operations, providing peace of mind for users.
    • Its robust construction and advanced engineering ensure safe and stable towing, even in challenging conditions.


The TRAX GT8000 is a formidable companion in trailer maneuvering, boasting the same motor and drive train as its predecessor, the TX6000. However, what sets it apart is its heavy-duty chassis and advanced features, including a differential axle with a differential lock.

  1. Heavy-Duty Chassis: Built to withstand the toughest towing challenges, the TRAX GT8000 features a heavy-duty chassis that ensures durability and stability even under heavy loads.
  2. Differential Axle with Diff Lock: The differential axle, equipped with a differential lock, revolutionizes the towing experience. With minimal pressure on the steering post, users can effortlessly pivot the dolly, enhancing maneuverability and precision in tight spaces.
  3. Enhanced Traction: The TRAX GT8000 comes standard with 6″ black tires, designed to provide maximum traction for trailers with heavier tongue weight. Whether on loose ground surfaces or challenging terrains, these tires ensure optimal grip and stability, allowing you to maneuver confidently.
  4. Versatile Performance: With the ability to lock the drive wheels together using the differential lock, the TRAX GT8000 offers enhanced traction when navigating through difficult terrain or adverse weather conditions. This feature empowers users to tackle any towing scenario with ease and confidence.



TRAX X2 features state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled ease of use. Let’s delve into what sets the TRAX X2 apart:

  1. Powerful Dual Motors: With two robust motors propelling heavy-duty rubber steel track wheels, the TRAX X2 delivers unmatched power and reliability for towing heavy loads effortlessly.
  2. Wireless Remote Control System: Take full command of your towing operations with the TRAX X2’s intuitive wireless remote control system. This system features dual joysticks for speed and direction control, allowing for precise maneuvering with minimal effort.
  3. Step-Down Speed Switch: The TRAX X2 introduces a step-down speed switch, giving users enhanced control over speed adjustments. Whether navigating tight spaces or cruising through open areas, this feature ensures optimal speed modulation for every situation.
  4. Unrivaled Ease of Use: Renowned as one of the industry’s quickest and easiest-to-use trailer dollies, the TRAX X2 streamlines towing operations like never before. Its intuitive controls and responsive handling make maneuvering trailers a breeze, even for novice users.
  5. Efficient Maneuverability: Thanks to its advanced technology and powerful motors, the TRAX X2 offers unrivaled maneuverability. Whether you’re navigating narrow pathways, making tight turns, or backing into confined spaces, this dolly excels in every scenario.

TRAX Rhino

The TRAX Rhino redefines towing versatility with its innovative design and advanced features. Let’s explore what makes the TRAX Rhino stand out:

  1. Pintle-Style Wagon Trailer Puller: Designed specifically for pulling equipment with pintles that have no tongue weight, the TRAX Rhino is your go-to solution for hassle-free towing. Its pintle-style configuration ensures compatibility with a wide range of equipment, making it a versatile choice for various towing applications.
  2. Customizable Weight Plates: The TRAX Rhino puts you in control with its customizable weight plate system. End users can easily load standard weight plates into the dolly, allowing for precise weight distribution and enhanced traction when pulling trailers and other equipment. This innovative feature ensures optimal performance in any towing scenario.
  3. High-Performance Motor and Drive Train: Equipped with the same motor and drive train as the renowned TX6000 and GT8000 tow dollies, the TRAX Rhino delivers exceptional power and reliability. Its robust construction and advanced engineering ensure smooth and efficient towing, even under heavy loads.
  4. Standard Black 6″ Tires: The TRAX Rhino comes with black 6″ tires, maximizing traction and stability in any towing environment. Whether navigating rough terrain or smooth pavement, these tires provide superior grip and performance, ensuring a safe and comfortable towing experience.


Coming Soon…

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– Tips for safe operation and maintenance
– Troubleshooting common issues

Section 5: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

– Real-life experiences from users who have benefited from Trax-powered trailer dollies
– Case studies highlighting successful applications in various industries

Section 6: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– We will be addressing common inquiries about Trax-powered trailer dollies
– Providing expert answers and guidance

Section 7: Resources and Additional Information

– Links to instructional videos, user manuals, and manufacturer websites
– Recommended accessories and add-ons for enhanced functionality
– Industry news and updates related to trailer dollies

Trax-powered trailer dollies offer a revolutionary solution for trailer maneuverability, providing efficiency, safety, and convenience. By understanding their features and benefits and how to choose the right model, you can optimize your trailer handling experience. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or business owner, Trax-powered trailer dollies are a game-changer in trailer management.

With this comprehensive map, you’re equipped with all the information you need to make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of Trax-powered trailer dollies.