TRAX Rhino

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The TRAX Rhino ball mount hitch and dolly mover is the best way to move a trailer by hand. It will save you time, energy, money, and back pain. The Trax Rhino power unit is a real workhorse and will easily move whatever you need!

Perfect for wagons where the trailer has no tongue weight. Our standard dollies are designed expecting a minimum of 10% of the trailer’s weight to be loaded on the drive wheels of the dolly. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to move a 4 wheeled cart or a trailer with an articulating drawbar, then the Rhino is for you. The Rhino is made to accept 200 lbs of relatively inexpensive, and locally obtained dumbbell weights. These are stored securely under the hood, giving the Rhino a nice clean look.

We attach a pintle hitch to the front that has a 2” ball instead of the full ringed hook. It’s not designed to move trailers, but will if you find yourself in a pinch. Now you can connect any drawbar with a 2” ID or larger ring, or full-size lunette ring. Because of its narrow width, and extreme power, this baby has so many applications moving carts in;
Greenhouses, nurseries, warehouses, factory floors, food vending/exhibition shows, any retail that you can’t have customers close to forklifts. The Rhino power unit will move whatever you need about 5 miles on a single charge. This thing’s a real workhorse!

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The TRAX Rhino has been designed for drawbar style trailers or wagons. We use a pintle hook for quick, easy connection. Load standard weight plates into the dolly to maximize traction when no tongue weight is present. These plates also assist on a grade, or on mixed ground textures. Powered by a 36-volt battery-operated motor that includes a built-in disc brake system. Standard features:

  • 8hr-onboard charger
  • 6″ wide black tires and wheels
  • Foam-filled tail wheel
  • Quick connect battery cables
  • Variable speed thumb throttle ( zero to 222 feet per minute )
  • Fast / Slow speed select switch (Motor still produces 100% torque fast or slow)
  • T-Handle with centered thumb control for both right and left-handed operation

Optional items:

  • Foam-filled non-marking grey tires
  • 36-volt battery kit ( 3x UB12350 size batteries )

Additional Information

Weight209 lbs
Dimensions42 × 26 × 26 in


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