$ 4,950.00

Trax X2 Trailer Dolly!

The most robust and versatile easiest to use wireless remote-controlled trailer dolly.

It’s perfect for moving trailers, boats, or RVs with EASE, even on significant grades and mixed ground textures!

TRAX X2 features a heavy-duty rubber track system that provides exceptional traction on any surface and the ability to climb over rough terrain. We designed the chassis for future development add-ons and accessories, allowing you to customize your TRAX X2 to meet your specific needs.

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Our product is duty-free as per the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). This agreement, which took effect on July 1, 2020, replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and provides duty-free treatment for qualifying goods traded among the three member countries.

With the USMCA in place, you can be assured that you will not be charged any additional duties on our product when shipping it across the border between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. However, it’s still necessary to complete the official customs entry form CBP 5106 for shipments valued above $2500 USD.

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The X2 is Powerful, Durable, and Quiet

The TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS INC X2 is powerful, durable, and quiet compared to its competition. Its advanced electric motor technology ensures the dolly operates with minimal noise, making it ideal for residential areas, RV parks, and other noise-sensitive environments. The dolly’s heavy-duty rubber track design ensures that it can easily handle any terrain, and it has been tested moving trailers up to 12,000 pounds plus.

Wireless Remote Control

The TRAX X2 comes with a wireless remote controller constructed to withstand the rigours of heavy use. The remote controller features two variable-speed-control joysticks for precision steering and a magnetic base that makes it easy to charge in the accompanying wireless charger base.

Battery and Charging System

The TRAX X2 is powered by a 36-volt battery system consisting of three (3) UB12350 model-size standard batteries. These batteries are readily available at most local stores. The batteries can easily be swapped out for a fresh set, allowing you to use the dolly all day without interruption. Alternatively, the batteries can be fully charged in about 4 hours using the premium onboard NOCO Genius GEN5x3 battery charger.

Trailer Hitch Compatibility

The dolly also includes two trailer balls: a 2″ and a 2 5/16″ hitch ball. For an additional cost, it can easily accommodate a 5th wheel adapter and gooseneck, making it adaptable to your specific trailer needs.

Made in Canada

Designed, fabricated, and assembled in Canada, the TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS INC X2 is a top-of-the-line electric-powered trailer dolly that is built to last. Its advanced features and rugged design make it perfect for any trailer-moving needs and will provide years of trouble-free service.

Standard Features:

  • Wireless remote control: The remote is designed with something called triple handshaking. This means the transmitter and receiver need to confirm communication in 3 different ways every second before the motors are allowed to move. If something happens and the transmitter & receiver do not get this constant 3-way handshake, the motor controllers shut themselves down. It is extremely important to us that the X2 cannot sporadically move on its own.
  • Double 36-volt motors with built-in disc brake system & whisper-quiet drivetrain
  • Extended-range wireless remote control: Approximately 1000-foot range
  • 4hr quick charge on-board battery charger/tender
  • Quick connect battery cable system
  • EZ Secure Loc ball mount with adjustable-angle flat plate: Patent Pending
  • 2″ and 2 5/16″ size hitch ball
  • Automatic Smart Brake Control System with Surge brake lockout
  • Battery level indicator


  • 5th wheel adapter kit
  • Gooseneck adapter kit
  • Universal hitch adapter kit
  • Pintle hitch adapter
  • Atwood puzzle adapter: Patent pending
  • 3x UB12350 36-volt battery kit
  • Hitch ball: 1 7/8″ | 50mm


  • 2 joystick variable speed control wireless remote: Inches per minute – 200 feet per minute
  • Heavy duty steel embedded rubber tracks
  • Easy to remove and replace batteries for all-day use
  • Remove the ball mount for other kinds of connections and usage

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$ 330.00
UB121350 Battery Kit, 36V Battery Kit,
36V Battery Kit
UB12350 36V Battery Kit
This state-of-the-art lead-acid sealed battery is maintenance-free. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.  
$ 4,950.00
X2 Wireless remote control trailer dolly- moves bumper pull and 5th wheel trailers

TRAX X2 features a heavy-duty rubber track system that provides exceptional traction on any surface and the ability to climb over rough terrain. We designed the chassis for future development add-ons and accessories, allowing you to customize your TRAX X2 to meet your specific needs.

$ 1,200.00
5th Wheel Adapter Kit
5th Wheel Adapter
A 5th wheel adapter for a motorized dolly is a device that allows you to connect a 5th wheel trailer or camper to a motorized dolly, enabling you to tow or move the trailer without the need for a traditional towing vehicle. This adapter serves as an intermediary between the 5th wheel hitch on the trailer and the motorized dolly's towing mechanism. It's particularly useful when you need to move a 5th wheel trailer short distances, such as in a storage facility or tight space, without using a full-sized truck.
$ 1,000.00
Gooseneck Adapter for X2
The TRAX Gooseneck Adapter effortlessly connects your X2 Power Dolly to trailers featuring gooseneck connections. Engineered for durability, it ensures a secure link while adjustable stabilizer bars enhance stability. With easy installation and reliability, it simplifies your towing tasks.

Box size: 48” x 29” x 17″
Weight: 320lbs
Power Dolly HS CODE: 8427.10.8095

CBP 5106

Why do I need to fill out a CBP 5106 form?  ( Link to CBP F.A.Q Page Here )

CBP requires the latest 5106 form to be digitally signed. The original printed form will not be accepted as it could be considered fraud or tampered by 3rd party.

The following steps will assist you:

1.)    The new form requires the latest Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your PC or Mac

2.)    Update/Install Adobe

3.)    Download the latest “CBP Form 5106.pdf”  ( if you get a ( Please wait… ) error, simply right-click and save as to your desktop or computer, as depicted below. )

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Once downloaded to your local computer, run Adobe Acrobat reader and locate the CBP 5106.pdf form.

4.)    Electronically complete and sign the form

5.)    E-mail the form directly to CBP Machinery Center of Excellence Link Here:

6.)    You will receive confirmation your importer account has been created along with your CBP importer #

7.)    Please confirm to the undersigned, complete with CBP confirmation and importer #.

Please note: All information on the 5106 has to be identical to the information you provided to TRAX. If anything is spelled differently or the address is not the same, it will throw CBP and my US Customs Broker into an error and will not process for us. We want to ensure complete compliance with CBP and our Customs Broker due to the storage fees applied to anything held up because of the error.