Gooseneck Adapter for X2

$ 1,000.00

The TRAX Gooseneck Adapter effortlessly connects your X2 Power Dolly to trailers featuring gooseneck connections. Engineered for durability, it ensures a secure link while adjustable stabilizer bars enhance stability. With easy installation and reliability, it simplifies your towing tasks.



The TRAX Gooseneck Adapter is the perfect solution for seamlessly connecting your X2 Power Dolly to trailers equipped with gooseneck connections. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this adapter ensures a secure and stable connection between your dolly and the trailer, providing peace of mind during transportation. Its ergonomic design allows for easy installation and removal, saving you time and effort. With the TRAX Gooseneck Adapter, you can confidently tackle your towing tasks with efficiency and reliability.

You will have to measure from the ground to the receiver and let us know the measurement if it’s different than 38″ long.