Trailer Mover - TRAX GT8000 with optional 5th Wheel Adapter kit


TRAX GT8K powered trailer dolly with differential axel system

Easy to pivot on the spot and features a diff-lock when on loose ground surfaces, 6″ wide tires, and the all-new 2023 ball mount with an angle adjustment plate for ball latches that have a toe-up design in them. Another 1st for the trailer dolly business.

$ 2,450.00

"Introducing the TRAX GT8000 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly: Unleash the Power of Precision and Control! This revolutionary dolly boasts a cutting-edge differential axle system, equipped with a convenient differential lock feature that ensures exceptional performance even on the most treacherous terrain. With its sturdy 6" wide tires designed to provide unmatched traction, the GT8000 offers unparalleled maneuverability and stability. Experience seamless towing like never before with this game-changing innovation. Get your hands on the TRAX GT8000 and conquer any towing challenge with ease!"

Weight 139lbs
Demensions 32" x 26" x 23"
HS-Code 8427.10.8095
Country of origin: CANADA

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Please note: All information on the 5106 has to be identical to the information you provided to TRAX. If anything is spelled differently or the address is not the same, it will throw CBP and my US Customs Broker into an error and will not process for us. We want to ensure complete compliance with CBP and our Customs Broker due to the storage fees applied to anything held up because of the error.

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$ 220.00
6" Solid Rubber Tires
6" Solid Rubber Tires
Introducing the TRAX 6" Wide Solid Rubber Tire ( A set of 2 Tires and Black steel wheels )  – Your solution for superior traction and heavy tongue weight support. With each tire weighing 26.3 pounds, these durable, easy-to-install tires are designed to conquer mixed ground textures effortlessly. Upgrade your equipment today and experience unmatched stability and performance—order now for a smoother, more reliable towing experience.
$ 1,200.00
5th Wheel Adapter Kit
5th Wheel Adapter
A 5th wheel adapter for a motorized dolly is a device that allows you to connect a 5th wheel trailer or camper to a motorized dolly, enabling you to tow or move the trailer without the need for a traditional towing vehicle. This adapter serves as an intermediary between the 5th wheel hitch on the trailer and the motorized dolly's towing mechanism. It's particularly useful when you need to move a 5th wheel trailer short distances, such as in a storage facility or tight space, without using a full-sized truck.
$ 30.00
Hitch Ball, 50mm Hitch Ball, 2 Inch Hitch Ball,
1 7/8 Hitch Ball
1 7/8 Ball Hitch
Achieve the perfect connection with the 1 7/8 ball hitch for your trailer. Our trailer balls offer easy connection and disconnection for your cargo. The 1 7/8 trailer ball is suitable for trailers with a gross weight of 2,000 lbs. or less. The snug fit has the correct shank size and thread count for the TRAX EZ-Secure Lock ball mount. If you want easy handling from a reliable product, you need a 1 7/8 ball hitch for your trailer. Purchase it today!
$ 30.00
Hitch Ball, 50mm Hitch Ball, 2 Inch Hitch Ball,
2 Inch Hitch Ball
2 Inch Hitch Ball
Tow smarter, not harder. The trailer ball connects your RV, trailer, boat, or other cargo to our dollies. Our 2-in. hitch ball has the correct shank size and thread count for the TRAX EZ-Secure Lock ball mount. It’s perfect for trailers with a gross weight of 2,000 lbs. – 4,500 lbs. The 2-in. trailer ball is easy to use and supports hassle-free hauling. The high-quality ball is durable and only takes a few seconds to connect and disconnect. Purchase your 2-in. hitch ball here!
$ 30.00
Hitch Ball, 50mm Hitch Ball, 2 Inch Hitch Ball,
2 5/16" Hitch Ball
Our 2 5/16" hitch-ball has the correct shank size and thread count for the TRAX EZ-Secure Lock ball mount. Perfect for trailers with a gross weight of 4,500lbs. - 13,000lbs.
$ 30.00
Hitch Ball, 50mm Hitch Ball, 2 Inch Hitch Ball,
50mm Hitch Ball
50mm Hitch Ball
All trailers aren’t the same, and they require special parts. Our 50 mm hitch ball is ideal for trailers from the United Kingdom/European & Australian markets. Connect your trailer to our dollies within seconds and take advantage of simple hauling. The 50 mm ball trailer hitch has the correct shank size and thread count for the TRAX EZ-Secure Lock ball mount. They’re quick and simple to remove, making them a must-have product. Buy our 50 mm hitch ball now!
$ 38.00
Atwood Adapter
Atwood Adapter
Our puzzle tab Jayco Atwood adapter is made for the EZ Secure Loc ball mount using our patent pending puzzle tab connection. Because of the design of this trailer, the ball latch has a rounded bottom and a slight toe-up front end that isn’t compatible with our EZ-Secure Loc ball mount. Thus, Atwood adapters were created to provide a simple and effective solution to ensure that your trailer can be hitched to our motorized dollies without you needing to buy a whole new model of dolly or trailer.
$ 195.00
Pintle Hitch Adapter for TRAX - | Trax Power Dolly
Pintle Hitch Adapter
Connect a pintle hitch style trailer to one of our TX6000 or TRAX X2 electric trailer dollies easily with our pintle hitch adapter kit. Simply drive the dolly to the trailer, align the pintle donut over the flat plate and screw down the top retainer to hold it securely.
$ 195.00
Universal hitch adapter
Universal Hitch Adapter
Quick and easy connection to your trailer. Upgrade your towing game with the Universal Hitch Adapter. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and towing hassles – experience a smoother, more efficient towing journey. Purchase your Universal Hitch-Adapter today and discover the difference it makes in your towing adventures.
$ 240.00
Noco Genius 5x3 4hr battery charger
4hr 3x12 Volt battery charger
Current: 5 Amps DC x 3 Banks Voltage: 12V Chemistry: Lead-Acid and Lithium Battery Charger Types: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, AGM, Lithium Battery Capacity Range: Up to 120 Amp-Hours Maintenance: All Battery Sizes Battery Types: 12V, 12V AGM, 12V Lithium, and 12V Repair Mode - for all types of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.
$ 150.00
8hr on-board charger, 8 hr Battery Charger,
8hr On-board charger
JAC0436 8 hr Battery Charger
The 8hr on-board battery charger is ideal for bulk charging 36-volt battery packs (sealed lead acid-AGM or wet) up to about 50 amp-hour (ah), or as a floating charger (long term maintenance) for 36-volt battery systems to about 120 amp-hours. This is a durable, aluminum-cased unit, with auto-sensing universal input. This 4 amp 36-volt battery charger has a 100% duty cycle at 4 amps output.
$ 330.00
UB121350 Battery Kit, 36V Battery Kit,
36V Battery Kit
UB12350 36V Battery Kit
This state-of-the-art lead-acid sealed battery is maintenance-free. The advantage of this design is that the battery needs no water additions, can be operated in any position, and can be used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.