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Our state-of-the-art 36-volt battery-powered electric trailer dollies offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency when it comes to effortlessly moving boats, RVs, or trailers! 

“Unleash your trailer’s parking potential with unwavering confidence, powered by the Trax Power Dolly.”

Need 4 Speed

Variable speed control

Our electric dollies utilize a convenient thumb-controlled throttle that makes them easy to control and allows you to set the appropriate pace for moving trailers, RVs, boats, and more. Trax trailer dollies use a 36-volt DC electric motor that features a “slow” and “fast” control switch. The operating speeds of our motorized trailer dollies include a low speed of 46 feet per minute while fast speeds max out at 222 feet per minute. With this control switch, you’ll be able to cover long distances and can achieve the slower speeds necessary to navigate smaller, more precise movements once you’ve reached your destination.

This greater amount of power makes your electric trailer dolly better equipped to handle rougher terrain like large street curbs, inclines, and other difficult-to-reach places that other motorized dollies on the market can’t navigate.

Electric Powered Trailer Dolly

Dare to compare TRAX trailer dollies to the other guys and you will quickly see all the improvements, and eye to detail our product engineers have incorporated in every electric trailer dolly we produce. TRAX power dollies are designed, fabricated and assembled in CANADA. We take great pride that we have the very best design compact trailer movers that perform better than many others and that after 7 years we still haven’t increased our TX6000 motorized trailer dolly price. We are only able to do so because everything we do is all in house and the savings we make is put back into our products in the latest upgrades and improvements.

Cool Operation

Designed for all-day operation

Designed for all-day operation

You never have to worry about needing to stop and wait for your Trax trailer dolly to cool down, thanks to its incredible cooling capabilities and assistance systems. Our dollies will remain safe and operational all day, no matter the weight of the load it’s carrying. You can enjoy continuous operations that adhere to your schedule and needs.

With such efficient cooling, you needn’t worry about intensive labor wearing down your dolly as quickly. Trax is the only choice for the strongest dollies on the market.

Standard hitch balls

Use standard hitch balls

Any standard 1-inch fine thread hitch ball can be used with the TRAX EZ Secure Loc ball mount. It’s quick and easy to change out the different ball sizes, and it requires no tools doing so. Connecting to a trailer will only take seconds not minutes once you have the ball height correctly set. For many trailer styles, there is no need for miscellaneous and expensive proprietary attachment systems to move the trailer. Integrating an American standard hitch ball saves you time and money.

Quiet tow dolly

Quiet Operating Motors

In addition to their incredible cooling capabilities, the precision-crafted OEM machines maintain efficiency to ensure the dolly is nice and quiet during operation. You won’t experience any whining or grinding gears under the strain of heavy loads. When you invest in a Trax trailer dolly, you’re investing in the highest quality motors that reduce noise pollution and increase the comfort of your working conditions. This may not seem like a big deal if you only have one dolly, but once you have multiple, you’ll be more than thankful that our advanced machinery keeps things nice and peaceful.

TRAX Motorized trailer dolly automatic brake controller

Automatic brake control

The TX6000 and X2 electric trailer dollies have double brake controllers. One is built within the motor drive system using ultra-compact disc brakes and the second controls the trailer’s electric brakes through the 7-way harness. Control trailer surge brakes by plugging the trailer harness into the dolly and our controller will lockout your trailer’s brakes from applying when reversing your boat trailer.

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