Using a Motorized Dolly

Easily Move Your Boat With The TRAX Motorized Trailer Dollies

Make moving your large boat, trailer, or RV a breeze by using a motorized dolly.

Whether you have a large cargo trailer, a boat trailer, or a utility trailer, you know all the hassles of trying to connect your car or truck when you’re just looking to move the trailer around the yard or driveway. It’s very possible to miss several times or run into something unseen while trying to maneuver both your car and the trailer carrying your boat. The thoughtfully designed TRAX trailer dollies are a real game-changer for moving boats and trailers because they save time when it comes to moving trailers in tight locations and for short distances.

TRAX Motorized Dolly Benefits

  • They’re affordable. You can buy our well-built and reliable powered dollies without spending a lot of money. They also last for many years.
  • Save Time. Steering a compact and lightweight trailer dolly and hooking it up to your trailer is a much less time-consuming way to move RVs, boats, and trailers than having to try to hook them up to your vehicle’s tow hitch. It can usually be done in a single attempt, versus having to reverse and then re-approach multiple times, or having to wait for the neighbor to move their vehicle to clear the way.

Our Mission

To design and manufacture the perfect trailer dolly for your specific trailer needs. Many customers want to use a motorized dolly that is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and affordably priced. Our trailer dollies outperform many customers’ expectations. The overall rugged built quality is both durable and has an amazing retro design. The throttle control performs amazingly well for instant variable speed requirements, and you merely need to speed up to go up street curbing from the road into your driveway, and quickly slow down when you are inching into position against a fence, etc. Switching to a different size trailer hitch ball is a breeze as it only takes a few seconds to replace. We used high-strength pneumatic tires as this allows for adding or removing air from the tires when needed. More air is added if it’s hard to pivot the dolly under a heavy load and remove air pressure when you need a bit more traction on softer surfaces. Steel and alloy construction is best when you’re looking for durability and reliability. The chassis is powder-coated to resist, corrosion and scratching.