Ultimate Guide to Hitch Adapters: Secure Your Trailer in Dolly Connection!

How do I know if my hitch system will work with a trailer dolly?

Many different hitch types are available, each with unique features to make your towing experience more secure and stable. However, not all of these couplers connect to a standard trailer dolly. We’ve created various adapter options to suit as many hitch types as possible. These adapters ensure a tight connection between your trailer and the dolly, preventing tipping, loosening, or damage.

Let’s explore our available adapters, the compatible coupler types, and what a proper connection looks like for each one.

Ball Mount: Ensuring Secure Trailer Dolly Connections

Our standard hitch balls, the most common hitch sizes, are 2” and 2-5/16” in diameter. They are compatible with most camping trailers with a rear receiver-style coupler. Additional hitch balls can be ordered in 1-⅞” or 50 mm (UK standard size).

Compatible Connection Types for Ball Mounts

  • Rear receivers: These versatile hitches are ideal for trailers with standard ball-mounted rear receiver systems. They can be used on vehicles of all sizes, with trucks often having pre-installed ball mounts. Based on maximum weight capacity, they are sold in five classes.
  • Demco EZ-Latch: These rear receiver latches have an auto-lock feature for easy hitch ball hookup while the latch is closed. Their low profile and flat tongue shape make them durable and easy to connect. Use your trailer’s latch pin if you have a Demco EZ-Latch.
  • Folding tongue coupler: This type is similar to other rear receivers but has a hinge at the tongue for folding during storage. It attaches to the trailer’s tubing to save space.

Atwood Attachments for Trailer Dollies

Our angled and straight Atwood attachment options suit these unusual hitches commonly found on Jayco trailers.

Compatible Connection Types for Atwood Attachments

  • Bulldog Collar-Lok: Designed for utility, livestock, cargo, and construction, these clamshell-style hitches have a sliding ring for extra security during heavy-duty towing and are the strongest in the industry. The BULLDOG® design features the only automatic and continuously tight ball fit in the industry. These couplers ARE compatible with TRAX EZ Secure lock ball mounts.
  • Atwood couplers: Commonly found on Jayco trailers, these hitches work well with trailer dollies if you have the appropriate Thrust Washer connection. We offer two specialized adapters (one flat, one angled) for Atwood couplers to create a flush connection where the flange prevents it.
  • Wallace Forge: Suitable for various towing needs, their couplers often have a step-down design. We provide custom Thrust Washer pieces for these connections. Contact our sales department for solutions tailored to your coupler.

Pintle Hitch Adapter for Heavy-Duty Connections

Ideal for farm or industrial equipment, the Pintle Hitch Adapter suits the standard 3” diameter lunette ring, providing a sturdy connection for towing equipment like generators and dump trailers.

Compatible Connection Types for Pintle Hitch Adapter

  • Pintle hitch/Lunette ring: These solid metal rings connect to Pintle hitches, which are commonly used for large towing jobs in farm and industrial settings. Our adapter offers a secure way to connect your lunette ring coupler to our trailer dollies.

Universal Hitch Adapter: Versatile Trailer Dolly Connections

Our most versatile connection method, the Universal Hitch Adapter, attaches to your trailer’s frame, creating a sturdy alternative connection point. This adapter is especially recommended for trailers with lighter tongue weight or boat trailers. Bolt it to the Y section of your trailer frame, lower the pipe into the dolly’s receiver tube, and then slide in the locking pin.

Compatible Connection Types for Universal Hitch Adapter

  • As long as the trailer has a Y-shaped frame between 2” x 4” and 4” x 6”. Smaller frames can use shims for compatibility.

Gooseneck: Specialized Trailer Dolly Connections

Using a Gooseneck connection, we offer specialized ball mounts with stabilizer bars for larger trailers. These custom items require specifications such as trailer hitch height, ball size, and leg style. Contact our sales department to order your custom Gooseneck adapter.

Compatible Connection Types for Gooseneck

  • Gooseneck trailers: Have a distinct “neck” connecting to a pickup truck bed at a 90-degree angle. They are common on flatbeds, horse trailers, and transport trailers.

Kingpin Adapter: Fifth Wheel Connections

Use the fifth wheel adapter with stabilizer arms if your trailer has a kingpin instead of a Gooseneck ball connection. This setup works for Kingpin Boxes sitting 48” to 52” above the ground. Contact us for other measurements.

Compatible Connection Types for Kingpin Adapter

  • Fifth Wheel hitches / Kingpins: Commonly used for industrial semi-trailers and large camper trailers, these connectors are compatible with the GT8000 and TRAX X2 trailer dollies.

Incompatible Hitch Systems: What Doesn’t Work with Trailer Dollies

  • Articulating hitches: We need a sturdy, constant connection for effective leverage. Articulating parts cause sway and tipping.
  • Hitch adapters: Anti-sway systems and weight distribution hitches often have articulating parts or specialized hookups incompatible with dollies.

Examples of Incompatible Hitch Systems

  • Hensley: These anti-sway hitches prevent side-to-side movement but are incompatible with trailer dollies due to articulating motion.
  • ProPride: Use an advanced anti-sway hitch with articulating parts. It is incompatible with trailer dollies without a lockout plate, which currently has no solution.
  • Sway Bar Systems: These systems often interfere with dolly clearance and connection points. Removable for backing up or slick conditions, friction sway control bars are compatible if removed before connecting the trailer to the dolly.
  • Lock & Roll: Designed for off-road use with 3 axes of movement, these hitches are incompatible with standard dollies due to their range of movement and coupler shape. However, trailers using Lock & Roll couplers can connect via Jack Post or Telescopic Frame Adapter.
  • Andersen hitches: Specializing in gooseneck style hitches for fifth-wheel trailers, they have limited compatibility with specific trailer dollies.

Feel free to contact us for more information or inquire about compatibility between your hitch and trailer dolly.

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