5 Important Safety Tips for Operating Trailer Dollies

5 Important Safety Tips for Operating Trailer Dollies

Trailer dollies make life easier by allowing you to quickly move trailers to their proper place. The equipment offers straightforward operation with simple control systems. Although the process is simple, be mindful of safety considerations. Read our five important safety tips for operating trailer dollies and other essential information.

Understanding Trailer Dollies

If you frequently move trailers, RVs, boats, flatbeds, and other cargo, you’re probably familiar with the tedious process of towing them. Luckily, a remote-control trailer dolly is a robust and efficient product to help you easily move trailers.

It has a motor to tow your trailer with weights of over 6000 pounds. In fact, the TRAX X2 can handle over 15,000 pounds. The innovative equipment makes movements quick and easy.

The benefits of our trailer dollies include the following:

  • Effortless towing: The trailer dolly makes it easier to move your trailer in tight spaces, navigating corners, hitching, and unhitching.
  • Reduce accidents: Avoid the risk of accidents that may occur when manually moving your trailers. This enhances personal and equipment safety.
  • Time saver: Trailer dollies eliminate the hassle of manually moving your trailer. Move faster and more efficiently with the equipment.
  • More maneuverability: You can easily move into tight spots using trailer dollies. This is perfect for irregular parking areas.

Addressing Safety

The intended use of trailer dollies is for the safe transport of trailers. The dollies have control throttles to guide trailers into the right area. Although movements can mimic maneuvering a toy vehicle, electric dollies are not toys.

Safety is critical for you, trailers, and others around you. Don’t cause accidents or personal injuries by negating safety. As you read our important safety tips for operating trailer dollies, you’ll understand the guidelines for good operation.

Correctly Attach Trailer Dollies to Trailers

The point of trailer dollies is to tow trailers into specific areas. Dollies can’t operate without proper attachment. Set the trailer dolly snugly on the tow ball and secure it with the trailer latch. Crisscross the safety chains between the motorized dolly and the trailer.

Furthermore, connect the dolly to the ball mount with enough room to make turns but not to drag on the road. Review the owner’s manual to ensure proper connection. This way, you don’t disturb the integrity of the dolly or the trailer.

Properly Distribute Weight on Trailers

Trailer dollies are a quick and effortless way to move trailers. However, they do have limitations and require a balanced trailer.

When loading the trailer, ensure proper weight distribution from left to right and front to back. Towing a properly balanced trailer decreases the wear on trailers and the trailer dollies.  Essentially, don’t overload your trailer beyond its maximum capacity.

Around 60 percent of the load should be in the front half of the trailer. This way, the tongue weight of the trailer hitch is 10 percent of the total weight.

The trailer’s tongue should be level with the tow hitch (not tilted up or pointed downward). Furthermore, evenly divide the load between the left and right sides. Then, secure items to avoid shifting during transport. This is especially important for fragile loads!

Do Visual Inspections Before Towing

Boats, RVs, and trailers are the best contenders for trailer dollies. They’re also large structures with many blind spots. That said, walk around the entire trailer before towing it. Perform a complete visual inspection of the trailer (or other tow vehicles) from all angles to ensure everything is secure, functioning, and ready to move.

Always consider trailer safety every time you tow. This can prevent critical and costly accidents and unnecessary wear and tear. For example, you may run into a vehicle or accidentally back into a wall. This can damage the trailer and may disrupt the items inside it.

With visual inspections, you can remove obstructions in the path and warn people around you. They’ll know you’re moving the trailer with an electric dolly. So, they’ll make room to accommodate the move.

Always Stay Alert While Operating Dollies

Our electric dollies use a thumb-controlled throttle, making it easier to control equipment. You set the appropriate pace for moving trailers, RVs, boats, and other tow vehicles. The controls offer low and fast speeds to cover long distances or navigate smaller areas.

Remember that you’re operating heavy machinery. It’s important to stay alert while utilizing trailer dollies. Watch what you’re doing, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t operate dollies while you’re tired or under the influence of alcohol.

Safety is the most critical aspect of operation. With motorized equipment, things can go wrong fast. You don’t want the trailer to collide with a person, vehicle, tree, or other objects. Additionally, a moment of inattention can lead to personal injury.

Do Not Modify Your Trailer Dolly

Do not modify your trailer Dolly in any way. Unauthorized modification can ruin the function and safety of the equipment. It can also affect the life of the trailer dolly. There are specific applications for which we design motorized trailer dollies. They’re ideal for all-day operation with functional assistant systems. There’s no need to modify the equipment in hopes of “optimizing” the dollies.

If you need a different trailer dolly, we offer a line of superior equipment with amazing features. For example, the TRAX Rhino is a real workhorse and will easily move whatever you need! So, instead of modifying movers, selecting one that meets your needs is best.

Additional Safety Advice

Besides our five main operation tips, we have additional advice for you. Do not allow children to operate the dolly; this is a safety concern. Furthermore, don’t use trailer dollies on downhill slopes. They require a flat surface to move to the right spot accurately.

If needed, wear eye protection while navigating trailers to parking spots. Areas with dust can obstruct vision while transporting trailers. You need a clear view of pathways!

Don’t adjust trailers or electric dollies while in motion. Stop the equipment before making changes (such as rearranging items inside the trailer).

Lastly, store idle trailer dollies in a secure location and keep them out of reach of children. Remember to inspect dollies before using them again.

What About Maintenance?

Maintenance and safety go hand in hand. After all, you need a well-maintained machine to operate correctly. Luckily, maintenance is simple with our dollies! You only need standard tools to properly service the dolly. Furthermore, our owner’s manual outlines maintenance procedures and safe practices. Ultimately, you’ll keep things safe before operating equipment.

We’re leaders in the trailer dolly industry for a reason. At TRAX Dolly Systems, we provide high-quality motorized dollies at affordable prices. Browse our excellent products now!

5 Important Safety Tips for Operating Trailer Dollies