Parking Your RV Trailer: 3 Essential Things To Remember

RV trailer parking can be intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. Fortunately, our helpful advice can make you a parking pro. Always remember these three essential things when parking your RV trailer.

3 Essential Things for Parking Your RV Trailer:

Give Yourself Space

Before backing up, pull forward. In most cases, you’ll need more time to adjust than you’d think when reversing a trailer. Giving yourself space is better than starting too close to the parking spot because you’ll give yourself room for adjustments.

Consider your passengers when parking your trailer. It’s tempting to let the kids and pets out of your vehicle to ensure they don’t distract you while parking, but they can become safety hazards. Pets and small children can easily run behind the trailer and get hurt.

Watch Your Angle

Parking an RV trailer is more challenging than parking a passenger vehicle. You need to be aware of space in all aspects. Angles are important when backing a trailer into a parking spot.

Parking spaces are angled in one direction, prompting drivers to park in a particular way. Observe the angle of your parking spot and make sure you’re facing the right direction before moving any further.

Take It Slow

Remember to take your time when parking your RV trailer. It isn’t a race, and even the most experienced drivers need to slow down. Small adjustments and slow driving have a significant impact on parking.

You risk collisions with other vehicles or objects if you park fast. Take things as slow as necessary, and don’t be afraid to restart. You’ll eventually ease into the spot with your trailer.

Additional Tips To Know

Before attempting to park, look at the site to make sure the trailer will fit. Take note of obstacles that may be in your way, like tree branches, garbage, or bulky items. Remove these things before parking.

Eliminate distractions that may take your attention away from parking. This means turning off the radio and getting rid of visual obstructions. Ultimately, efficient trailer parking requires attention to detail and slow adjustments.

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