Why You Should Buy an Electric Dolly for Your Boat Trailer




































Why You Should Buy an Electric Dolly for Your Boat Trailer


No matter how proud of your boat you are, the hassle of towing and trying to maneuver your boat’s trailer is probably one of the worst aspects of being a boat owner. Luckily, there’s a better way. Battery-powered trailer dollies are handy little accessories that can help you maneuver your boat’s trailer or tow it short distances without the hassle of hitching it back onto your truck. If you’re still not convinced, read on. Here’s why you should buy an electric dolly for your boat trailer.

Carrying Heavy Loads

Boats are heavy—that’s no surprise. But you may not realize just how heavy. Your typical speedboat will weigh thousands of pounds. That’s far more than a person could reasonably move on their own. That makes manual trailer dollies unusable for this application, as they don’t have the weight capacity to support the boat and its trailer. But at the same time, hitching your trailer to your tow vehicle isn’t always convenient or ideal. Electric dollies can easily support thousands of pounds, allowing precise maneuvers and towing without struggle.

Preventing Injury

Another reason why you should buy an electric dolly for your boat trailer is to prevent injuries. Many people have tried to move or lift their trailer for small adjustments because it’d take more time to hitch it than it would to move it. However, trying to do this by hand can put lots of strain on your body, and you may end up injuring yourself if you’re not careful. However, you control an electric dolly with a remote, eliminating any strain or effort necessary on your end while providing the convenience you need.

Preventing Damage

Similarly, you need a dolly that can adequately handle the weight capacity of your boat to prevent damage to the boat itself. After all, if your dolly can’t handle the load, you may lose control of your trailer. Furthermore, the greater mobility ensures you can move and maneuver your trailer with less risk of accidentally hitting anything. Consider how tricky it can be to move your trailer from your tow vehicle and how easy it is to accidentally scratch your boat against the edges of walls.