TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS Revolutionizes Material Handling

They are the best trailer dollies in the business for all the right reasons.

Discover the pinnacle of engineering ingenuity and sustainable innovation with TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS. We pride ourselves on being the top leader in electric-powered movers, revolutionizing the material handling landscape. Learn about our commitment to quality craftsmanship, affordability, and eco-friendly solutions, all proudly built in Canada. Join us as we explore how TRAX drives efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility to new heights in the logistics industry.

Unparalleled Engineering Excellence

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled engineering excellence at TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS. Our electric-powered movers are meticulously designed and crafted to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure optimal performance and durability in industrial environments. Explore our range of electric trailers, utility vehicles, and tugger systems.

Sustainable Solutions for the Future

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at TRAX. By harnessing the power of electric propulsion, our movers eliminate harmful emissions and noise pollution, creating safer and healthier work environments. Additionally, our eco-friendly solutions help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Our commitment extends further as our dollies are EPA-exempt, and we currently do not use any subject materials that require regulation, ensuring our products adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Affordable Excellence

At TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS, we believe excellence should be accessible to all. That’s why we offer our world-class electric-powered movers at affordable prices. By streamlining our manufacturing processes and leveraging Canadian craftsmanship, we deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or performance. Despite our commitment to quality, we have not increased prices for over eight years and counting. Instead, we continually strive to enhance each solution’s build quality and performance.

Moreover, we do it all in one location, ensuring streamlined production and meticulous quality control. With our extensive knowledge and ability to easily engineer around the customer’s requirements, we tailor solutions to fit your specific needs. But there’s more to us than meets the eye or what you see on our daily webpage. Behind the scenes, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to innovate and improve, pushing boundaries to exceed expectations. Explore our range of affordable electric movers on our home page, and experience the TRAX advantage today.

Proudly Canadian

As a Canadian company, TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS takes great pride in our roots. All our electric-powered movers are designed, fabricated, and assembled right here in Canada, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability. By supporting local manufacturing, we contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy and uphold our reputation for excellence. Learn more about our Canadian craftsmanship and how we do it at

Driving Efficiency and Reliability

With TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS, businesses can experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability in their material handling operations. Our electric-powered movers are designed to optimize workflow, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity. Whether you’re in manufacturing, warehousing, or distribution, TRAX has the perfect solution to meet your needs. Explore our range of electric movers and experience the TRAX advantage today at TRAX POWER DOLLY SYSTEMS.

What are our customers saying about our electric-powered trailer dolly solutions?

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our products. Customers are overwhelmingly impressed with our electric-powered movers’ build quality and performance. From durability to reliability, we exceed expectations at every turn. But don’t just take our word for it—see what our satisfied customers have to say on our Google Reviews page. Discover why so many have trusted TRAX for their moving needs and join the ranks of happy customers today: Google Reviews Page.

We look forward in having you be part of the TRAX family today!