Common Mistakes To Avoid When Moving a Heavy Trailer

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Moving a Heavy Trailer

Don’t deal with unnecessary problems moving your trailer when you can avoid them. Reduce the chance of damaging your vehicle and trailer by following good advice. For more information, check out these common mistakes to avoid when moving a heavy trailer.

Overworking Your Engine

Although vehicles can take on a lot, you don’t want to overexert your engine. Driving at high temperatures can onset engine troubles, and overheating can result in cracks and failure. You don’t want issues that require a new transmission. To avoid problems, monitor your pressure gauges, exhaust gas temperature, and temperature gauges as you move your trailer.

Hauling an Unbalanced Load

When something is off-balance, it tilts to the side. This is dangerous for heavy loads because an uneven trailer can tilt and fall over. Therefore, the trailer hitch should only hold 10 percent of your trailer’s weight. Put more weight toward the front of the load to prevent your trailer from lagging. In addition, keep the left and right sides even to prevent a roaming trailer.

Using the Wrong Ball Mount

Using the wrong ball mount is a common mistake to avoid when moving a heavy trailer. The ball mount attaches the trailer to your vehicle or trailer dolly. The wrong ball mount will pitch your trailer up or down on your axles. It can also stress your brakes and tires and reduce your braking ability. Check your trailer’s owner’s manual to determine the right ball mount size.

Moving Too Fast

Simply put, moving a trailer isn’t a race. However, many people move too fast while maneuvering a heavy trailer because they want to reach their destination more quickly. In terms of parking, you risk collisions if you move too fast. Small adjustments and slow driving are the best practices for working with heavy trailers. Ultimately, slow and steady wins the race.

Not Using a Trailer Dolly

Using helpful equipment is best for moving a heavy trailer. In particular, a remote-controlled trailer dolly lets you move any trailer quickly and effortlessly. The throttle control lets you transport trailers to the right parking spot. Motorized trailer dollies are convenient, safe, and easy to use. Make parking a breeze with a dolly!

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