How To Operate a Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly

How To Operate a Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly

Parking your trailer is a pain, but you can improve your experience. Trailer dollies are simple and highly effective tools for moving trailers. Understand the simple process by learning how to operate a remote-controlled trailer dolly.

Overview of Our Remote-Controlled Dolly

When you need fast and efficient towing, there’s one machine to handle your needs. Our TRAX X2 at TRAX Power Dolly Systems is our remote-controlled trailer dolly. The dolly makes towing pain-free by being easy to use, quiet, and efficient. It can handle various terrains, such as gravel, concrete, and rough roads. In addition, the machine can move trailers up to 15,000 pounds.

Our TRAX X2 comes with a wireless remote control that has two variable-speed-control joysticks for precision steering. Furthermore, it has a 36-volt battery system. Our dolly also includes two trailer balls in the kit: a 2″ and a 2 5/16″ hitch ball. The TRAX X2 is robust and perfect for all-day operations.

What Are the Features of TRAX X2?

A notable aspect of the TRAX X2 is the triple handshaking feature. Before the motors can move, the transmitter and receiver communicate in three different ways. Without a 3-way handshake, the controllers shut off. This feature prevents the motorized dolly from randomly moving.

Along with the remote control, our TRAX X2 features a built-in brake system and a four-hour quick on-board charger. The entire machine is 320 pounds and will remain safe and operational for all your towing jobs.

Optional Additions

To accommodate your specific trailer needs, we offer optional additions, such as wheel adapter kits, battery kits, and a hitch ball available in 50mm.

The Specifications

The TRAX X2 is our easiest-to-use trailer dolly. The robust and versatile features make the product user-friendly. Thanks to our 36-volt battery system, users can remove or replace batteries as needed.

Safety Considerations for Operation

The purpose of trailer dollies is to safely transport trailers and guide trailers into the right area. When operating a remote-controlled dolly, safety is critical for you, the trailer, and any objects around you.

It’s critical to address safety before moving your trailer. Following smart guidelines prevents accidents like collisions with vehicles or other personnel.

Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the best safety practices:

  • Properly attach your trailer to the trailer dolly. Set the trailer dolly snugly on the tow ball and secure it with the trailer latch. Crisscross the safety chains between the motorized dolly and the trailer.
  • Accurately distribute weight on trailers. Around 60 percent of the load should be in the front half of the trailer. This way, the tongue weight of the trailer hitch is 10 percent of the total weight.
  • Perform visual inspections before towing. Walk around the entire trailer before towing it. Do a visual inspection of the trailer from all angles to ensure that everything is secure, functioning, and ready to move.
  • Be alert while operating the trailer dolly. Always watch what you’re doing, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t operate dollies while you’re tired or under the influence of alcohol.
  • Don’t modify the trailer dolly. Unauthorized modification can ruin the function and safety of the equipment.

More Helpful Tips

We stress the importance of safety while using all our trailer dollies so that you can avoid accidents. If needed, wear eye protection to prevent dust from obstructing your vision.

You should also let people know you’re operating a trailer so that they can move out of the way. Furthermore, don’t adjust the trailer or dollies while they are in motion.

Lastly, there is an emergency stop button on the remote control. So if someone runs in front of the trailer, you can press the button and stop the dolly.

Operating a Remote-Controlled Dolly

After addressing safety, it’s time to learn how to operate a remote-controlled trailer dolly. Here are the simple steps you should follow.

  1. Use a trailer ball to attach the trailer to the motorized dolly. As mentioned, you should secure the trailer dolly with the trailer latch. Crisscross the safety chains between the motorized dolly and the trailer.
  2. If you have a 5th-wheel trailer, raise the gear legs so that the trailer’s telescopic tubes align with the trailer dolly. It’s also important to determine ground clearance to raise the legs to the right length.
  3. Do a visual inspection around the trailer (or tow vehicle) to ensure that there are no obstructions in the way.
  4. Once you have clearance, use the variable speed control wireless remote to maneuver the trailer dolly. The two joystick design controls the tracks. The remote is a standard forward and reverse system. The controller also has an emergency stop button if you ever need it.
  5. Carefully guide your trailer to the parking area. The remote control has a 1,000-foot range, allowing you to remain at a safe distance from the trailer.
  6. When you reach the parking area, disconnect the trailer ball to remove the dolly from the trailer. Repeat our operation steps when you want to move the trailer again.

Are Motorized Dollies Worth It?

Owning an RV or boat trailer is great for adventurous people as they can travel with all the equipment they need. However, moving the trailers in tight locations is challenging due to the trailer’s size. Learning how to maneuver RVs and trailers without assistance is a nerve-racking experience. Fortunately, TRAX Power Dolly Systems have the perfect solution.

Our motorized dolly for trailers quickly and effortlessly moves trailers to your preferred parking spot. Leave frustration in the past and make parking hassle-free. If you’re interested in simple towing at faster speeds, motorized dollies are totally worth it!

The TRAX Dolly Difference

Motorized dollies are worth the investment. Our TRAX X2 is just one of our high-quality machines. When you purchase from TRAX Power Dolly, we guarantee simple handling, easy connection, and fantastic performance. We’re here to support your towing needs with our modern systems.

Start your trailer dolly journey with us. Our team is more than happy to discuss our products and pair you with an ideal product. Reach out to us today.

How To Operate a Remote-Controlled Trailer Dolly