Increase mobility by bringing your car on your RV trip. There are three ways to tow a car behind your RV. Learn about each method and pick your preferred strategy.

3 Ways To Tow A Car Behind Your RV:

Flat Towing

Flat towing, or “four down,” involves the RV pulling your car using a tow bar. All four wheels are “down” on the road, hence one of the names for this method. Many people prefer flat towing because it’s an efficient way to tow a small vehicle behind an RV. However, you can’t tow all cars with this method.

The biggest advantages of flat towing are that it’s easy and places even wear on the tow vehicle. You can attach and detach your car within minutes and transport it with ease.

A known hassle for flat towing is the inability to put your RV in reverse while transporting the vehicle. You have to detach your car before reversing the RV to avoid hitting objects.

Tow Dollies

Another way to tow a car behind your RV is to use tow dollies. These small trailers support the front two wheels of your car, and the back wheels stay on the road. Consider tow dollies an “in-between” method when towing your vehicle behind a camper. This towing method is more advanced than flat towing, yet dollies are smaller and cheaper than a full trailer.

The biggest downside to tow dollies is that they cause uneven wear on your vehicle. Since only the rear tires touch the road, they wear out faster than the front ones. Additionally, you can’t reverse the RV while transporting your car; instead, you must detach it.

Flatbed Trailers

The last method is using flatbed trailers. These large, flat trailers have four wheels. Load your car onto the trailer, which keeps your vehicle’s wheels off the road. This is the best strategy for people with all-wheel or four-wheel drive cars. You won’t have to worry about wear and tear on your vehicle, as this option prevents damage. It’s one of the safest ways to tow your car.

The main drawback to flatbed trailers is that they’re expensive. A tow bar is around $2,000 (at most), a tow dolly is around $4,500, and a trailer can be around $10,000. Some models are close to $20,000! Keep in mind that flatbed trailers are significant investments.

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