The Many Important Benefits of Trailer Dollies

Moving trailers require special care as you must park without damaging cargo. Tow vehicles and manual dollies aren’t the best solutions for this action. Instead, you need a motorized trailer dolly to effortlessly park trailers. Review the many important benefits of trailer dollies to understand how they’ll improve your life.

What Are Trailer Dollies?

Electric trailer dollies tow and park campers, trailers, boats, and other cargo. They have gas motors that allow you to move cargo without a vehicle. Remote-controlled dollies are great for traveling short distances, for example, to park an RV on a campsite or move a trailer to a garage. They simplify parking with a quiet and efficient machine, and most trailer dollies handle various terrain like concrete, gravel, or rough roads.

Furthermore, motorized dollies have different weight limits to accommodate your cargo. In particular, our TRAX TX6000 can move up to 6,000 pounds, whereas the TRAX X2 can move 15,000 pounds plus. Select the appropriate model for your trailer and enjoy the easy-to-operate machine!

Why Do People Use Trailer Dollies?

People use trailer dollies because they’re convenient. You can move trailers without a vehicle, which saves time and effort. Motorized trailer dollies are suitable for short-distance parking, allowing you to guide cargo without blind spots. In addition, the machines are more precise than trucks, making them the better option for parking.

How Do They Work?

Electric trailer dollies have wireless remotes with variable speed controls. The joystick moves the tracks and has an emergency stop button if you need it. The system is similar to operating a remote-controlled car. Once you attach the trailer dolly to the trailer, you can guide it to a parking spot. Our machines have a 1,000-foot range, so you can stay at a safe distance from the trailer. They’re simple to use and offer fast parking.

Trailer Dolly Benefits

Investing in a trailer dolly is worthwhile for several reasons. After all, who wouldn’t want to simplify life with easy parking? Check out the many important benefits of trailer dollies for an inside look at their advantages.


A remote trailer dolly eliminates the need for a separate tow vehicle. Moving cargo is challenging and time-consuming without assistance. Trailer dollies offer better clearance because you can see the desired parking location. You can achieve hassle-free parking with a dolly and use it for several other applications. Make life easier with a lightweight, compact machine that does the hard part for you!


A cool advantage of electric trailer dollies is that they’re adjustable. You can adjust the height or hitch ball of the dolly to accommodate any trailer. Whether you purchase another trailer or have various-sized cargo, you don’t need to buy a new dolly to tow it. In addition, the dollies adjust to their environment because they have high-quality treads to handle harsh terrain.


Motorized trailer dollies have more than one use. We design our dollies with various cargo in mind. From parking RVs on campgrounds to moving horse trailers on farms, you can switch from one trailer to the next while using the same trailer dolly. Not only is versatility convenient, but it’s also cost-effective! A trailer dolly saves money on the cost of towing equipment. They’re also long-lasting with minimum maintenance, further saving money on repairs.


Tow equipment is expensive, especially if you buy multiple machines. You can purchase a reliable dolly without spending a lot of money. Our trailer dollies are affordable and great investment pieces. Improve workflow or camping with these practical machines!

Greater Strength

Remote-controlled trailer dollies use a motor to move around. This is way better than manual dollies where you have to pull and push the equipment. Trailer dollies are stronger than humans, making them a faster and safer way to move cargo. As mentioned, our TRAX X2 can move upwards of 15,000 pounds, and this is around the size of a standard RV. You wouldn’t move an RV with a manual dolly, but a trailer dolly is better than towing with a vehicle.

Enhanced Safety

Moving a heavy trailer around parking lots or crowded areas can cause accidents. You must deal with blind spots while maneuvering your vehicle, and navigating tight spaces is difficult. These factors can lead to hitting objects, people, or buildings, damaging property, personnel, and your trailer.

Fortunately, you can minimize dangers by using a trailer dolly. The machines have a forward-facing operation, so you don’t look over your shoulder while backing into parking spots. You move the trailer with a remote control, giving you a clear view of everything. Ultimately, the dollies help you avoid obstacles in the area.

Better Maneuverability and Efficiency

Our trailer dollies are exceptionally maneuverable and simple to control. They can navigate tight spaces and move around obstacles, making parking your trailer in the right location quicker. You don’t have to strain your neck to see parking spots or worry about odd parking angles.

Additionally, electric trailer dollies offer better efficiency as you can move heavy trailers and equipment in a shorter timeframe. You can move items faster and increase productivity if you have a business. For personal use (i.e., camping), the dolly lets you park and return to activities quicker!


Hooking your trailer to a tow vehicle is time-consuming. Not to mention, the time it takes to reverse and re-approach parking spots is annoying and laborious. Luckily, directing a compact trailer dolly is a better way to move cargo like RVs, boats, and trailers. You can successfully park with one attempt! Spend the extra time on things you enjoy rather than moving your trailer.

You Need the Smart Solution

Advanced technology makes your life easier by handling tedious processes. Sure, you can use a separate tow vehicle to park trailers. But wouldn’t you want a better tool for parking? You need a smart towing solution, and that’s motorized trailer dollies. Don’t deal with the hassle of connecting your vehicle to trailers when you need to move short distances. Use our game-changing machine to park within minutes! After one use, you’ll never want to park the traditional way again!

Where To Buy Trailer Dollies

You can purchase trailer dollies here! At TRAX Power Dolly Systems, we have machines to meet your needs. Our modern designs offer all-day operation with incredible motors and variable speed control. All our products offer exceptional performance with easy operation. Receive the best products from the best company. Start your journey with us today.

The Many Important Benefits of Trailer Dollies