The Easiest Ways To Move Any Heavy Trailer

There are times when you’ll need to move your trailer, and your truck is too inconvenient or simply unavailable. Thankfully, there are different options for moving your trailer that will remove the stress from your shoulders and provide you with an easier solution than using your truck. Here are some of the easiest ways to move any heavy trailer.

Ways To Move Any Heavy Trailer:

Trailer Dollies

For massive trailers weighing thousands of pounds, a powered mover trailer dolly is your best solution. Essentially, a powered mover trailer dolly is a powerful set of wheels with a motor that can tow your trailer, including 5th-wheel camper vans. These dollies are great because they use remote control, so you never have to strain yourself, and the dollies provide a greater range of motion and maneuverability than you would get using your truck. A dolly is a perfect way to tow your trailer short distances and position it with precise movements.

Trailer Valets

An even simpler version of the trailer dolly, the trailer valet is essentially a wheel that attaches to the front of your hitch. These valets are manually operated, so they’re best for smaller trailers, but they can still help you tow and maneuver your trailer with greater ease.

RV Transport Services

The last way to move a heavy trailer is with RV transport services. These are most often used by owners who need their new trailers delivered to them, but it’s a good way to have your trailer moved long distances if you don’t have a tow vehicle. Typically, this service comes in two variants. For smaller trailers, transport services will often just tow it traditionally, hooking it to the back of their own tow vehicle. Larger trailers, like RV campers, require a flatbed truck. A flatbed truck will also prevent putting miles on your trailer, so it will be in mint condition when it reaches you.