The Benefits of Remote-Controlled Trailer Dollies

Traveling with a trailer or a camper is a great way to enjoy your travels or make your workload easier, but hitching the trailer to a truck for every little movement can be a real hassle. For that reason, you should consider investing in a trailer dolly. We recommend a remote-control trailer mover, so here are the benefits of remote-controlled trailer dollies.

Convenience and Ease

Remote-controlled trailer dollies make moving your trailer short distances into position so much easier. They are far more precise and maneuverable than your truck, so you can easily reposition your trailer somewhere you would struggle with otherwise. Furthermore, you don’t have to lift so much as a finger to move your trailer because of the remote controls—simply maneuver the dolly like you would an RC car!

Greater Weight Capacities

Because a remote-controlled dolly has a motor and an incredibly sturdy build, it can carry thousands of pounds more weight than a manual trailer dolly. It entirely removes human limitations and allows you to move trailers like a fifth-wheel camper as needed. This makes remote-controlled trailer dollies ideal if you’re working with trailers that exceed all weight capacities a manual dolly could move.


Another great benefit of remote-controlled trailer dollies is their adjustability. This allows you to adjust the height or hitch ball of your trailer dolly to suit the needs of any trailer. It also makes your investment future-proofed; should you ever get a new trailer, you won’t need to find a new dolly to tow it. Large remote-controlled dollies come with treads to tackle even the harshest and most uneven terrain. They are more beneficial compared to the typical inflatable wheels or flat-free tires on manual dollies.

Saving Time

With the above features and benefits, motorized trailer movers will save you a lot of time. Whether you’re using a camper for travel or a trailer for hauling, a trailer dolly will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend finagling and maneuvering your trailer. Thus, you’ll find yourself more productive or spending more time relaxing.