Key Things To Consider When Storing a Boat Trailer

One of the biggest challenges of owning a boat is preparing it for harsh weather during the off-season. You must take action to ensure your boat does not get damaged by the elements. Here are a few key things to consider when storing a boat trailer.

Things To Consider When Storing A Boat Trailer:


Spraying your trailer with lubricants like WD-40 will help keep moisture away and prevent rust. The best places to spray are in the trailer’s roller assemblies, winch gears, and electrical connections. If there are signs of rust, it’s best to take care of that now by sanding, priming, and adding a fresh coat of paint so that it doesn’t get worse during the off-season.

Avoid Trees

A lot of boat owners think that storing their trailers under trees will shelter them, but instead, you run the risk of branches breaking and damaging your boat. Sap, leaves, needles, and more can also cover your boat with stains and debris that are difficult to clean.

Preventing Theft

Another thing to consider when storing a boat trailer is theft. You can simply turn your trailer around in your driveway so that the hitch faces away from the street. This will make it difficult for anyone to drive off with your trailer; however, it can be a real hassle to rig your trailer to your truck and awkwardly try to maneuver it. For that reason, we recommend an electric trail mover for much greater ease and convenience.

Maintaining the Tires

Once your boat trailer is in place, consider removing the tires and storing them away for the off-season. This not only protects them from damage that may be caused by the weather or sun, but it also further prevents theft.

Help Water Drain

Lastly, make sure the trailer and your boat are kept slightly nose-up so that any water can easily drain from the boat. You can do this by placing a small block under the trailer jack. This will prevent standing pools of water that may freeze or harbor pests when the weather warms up.