3 Ways To Move a 5th-Wheel Trailer Without a Truck

The RV life can be a lot of fun and provide you with a range of freedom unlike anything else. However, you’ll need to account for a few challenges when hauling a big 5th-wheel trailer. If you just need to move your trailer a short distance or adjust its position, your truck is impractical. Here are three ways to move a 5th-wheel trailer without a truck.

Trailer Valet

A trailer valet is a wheel you attach to the hitch so you don’t have to lift or drag any part of your trailer. The catch, however, is that they’re non-motorized and low weight bearing, meaning they’re only suitable for small trailer models.

Provided you have a suitable trailer, this is a good way to move it by hand. If you choose a valet, always check the weight capacity before attaching it to your trailer.

Trailer Dolly

While we may be a bit biased, a motorized trailer dolly is perhaps the best way to move a 5th-wheel trailer without a truck. They are basically strong wheels connected to an electric motor so you can move your trailer using a remote control. It’s like hooking up your trailer to a truck without the hassle of positioning your truck and connecting everything before you can go. Because it’s motorized, trailer dollies can move a lot more weight than you could by hand. It also performs minute movements that require fine motor skills.

RV Transport Services

If you’re buying a trailer but don’t have a suitable truck to tow it home, RV transport services will deliver it to you. This is especially helpful if you’re getting your RV from somewhere far from your home. These services will use traditional or flatbed towing to bring your trailer to you—whichever is more appropriate for the model you purchased.