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The Evolution of Powered Trailer Dollies: Unmatched Innovation and Value

Trax Power Dollies exemplifies how continuous innovation and customer-centric design can lead to superior products without escalating costs. With over 8.5 years of development and refinement, the TX6000, GT8000, TRAX Rhino, TRAX X2, and soon-to-be-released J5 are testaments to Trax Power Dollies’ dedication to providing top-quality, affordable solutions for trailer mobility. Experience the difference that our commitment to quality, performance, and value can make. Trax Power Dollies is here to meet your needs today and in the future with products that set the standard for the industry.

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TRAX Motors vs. Winch Motors

For operators seeking efficiency, reduced noise levels, and heightened safety measures in trailer transportation, the specialized design and features of 36-volt motors, exemplified by the TRAX POWER DOLLY motor, present innovative solution.

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The Advantages of 36-Volt Motors Over 12-Volt Motors

The efficiency lies in the voltage, current, and power relationship. The 36-volt motor produces the same power with a lower current due to its higher voltage. This reduced current draw results in fewer resistive losses in the motor and wiring, minimizing heat generation and energy wastage.

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